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Welcome to Raiden Wiki

This wiki is dedicated to the Raiden series of Shoot 'em Ups by Seibu Kaihatsu and MOSS, whose main mission is to expand and bring the hiddens of the Raiden universe to public knowledge! Thanks to working users on this wiki, we are obtaining more information, editing articles to make them better, and you can help!

We are currently editing over 107 articles, and you can help

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What's new on Raiden Wiki

12 May, 2016
Raiden V is now available in English as a digital release.
06 May, 2016
Raiden V is scheduled for release in USA and Europe in May 11.
Official site
25 February, 2016
Raiden V has been released in Japan for the Xbox One.
10 February, 2016
Raiden IV Overkill is now available on


Raiden Universe

Game footage

Xbox One 『雷電V』 OP01:17

Xbox One 『雷電V』 OP

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Main series

Raiden Fighters series


Other Shoot 'em Ups by Seibu Kaihatsu and MOSS

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