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Welcome to Raiden Wiki

This wiki is dedicated to the faithful shmup Raiden and it's series of well-known games,
whose main mission is to expand this wiki and bring the hiddens of the Raiden universe to public knowledge! Thanks to working users on this wiki, we are obtaining more information, editing articles to make them better, and you can help!

We are currently editing over 65 articles, and you can help

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What's new on Raiden Wiki

  • Raiden IV: Overkill will be on PS3 in May 15, 2014(JP) & April 29, 2014(NA)!
  • Raiden V has been confirmed for release in 2015 for Xbox One in Japan. It is unknown at this time as to whether or when it will see the light of day in other regions.

Game footage

Raiden V - Teaser Trailer-101:07

Raiden V - Teaser Trailer-1

Friends of Raiden Wiki

Welcome to the Raiden Wiki! This wiki is based on vertically-scrolling shooter video game series.

Feel free to edit and add any information you find missing or incomplete (some of the pages are pretty barren right now, but perfect starting points!), and enjoy the nostalgia of Raiden Wiki!

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List of Games

Main series
Raiden Fighters series

Freeware and Fan based Games


The Fighters

Raidenpedia is not only creating articles about the games, but the fighters that appear in the Raiden universe as well.

The Enemies

Even the enemies and bosses in this wiki have articles, too! We believe it's best to give info on the enemies as well.


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