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The Beast Arrow is the name of a ship that appears only in Raiden Fighters, but is replaced by the Beast Wing in the later games.


This plane is slow, a large target, and looks like a Lockheed P-38 Lightning on steroids. The Beast Arrow has a powerful Laser (which is the Pulse Beam) and Homing Missiles. Its Laser Charge Attack is one of the best; in full power, it can destroy medium sized planes with one blast, which can give tons of scores, and blows out a huge path of small enemies.


Raiden Fighters: The Beast Arrow only appears in the first Raiden Fighters game, which is seen with the Aegis IV and Devastator taking out of huge slew of fighters and bombs the huge fighter, which is seen in Stage 3 of Level 2.


  • The Beast Arrow is replaced by the Beast Wing in the later Raiden Fighters games. The Beast Wing is possibly an upgraded version of the Beast Arrow itself, or just a newer model.

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